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Legal terms


How we use cookies
International Studies Ltd, based in London, 86-90 Paul Street EC2 4NE ("IntlStudies"), hereby provides the users/visitors (the "user"), in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act as amended, the informations on how to manage the web site (the "website") in relation with the use of cookies and the relevant user's personal data processing.

Cookies are small text files sent from a visited web site to a user's device (desktop, tablet, smartphone, notebook) while the user is browsing that web site. Cookies enable a number of functions and collect information regarding the user's online activities (without the use of "technical" cookies some operations would be very difficult or impossible to perform). When browsing a web site, a user's device may happen to receive cookies from other web sites, web services and providers (so-called "third party cookies"), which may include certain elements (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, links to specific pages on other domains) that are present on the web site the user is visiting.

Our website uses "technical cookies" to enable the proper working of certain areas of it and easier retrieval of information, simplifying the connection and data transmission between user and the website.
In particular we use:

  • “navigation” or “session” cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website and are used for the purposes of data authentication, monitoring browsing sessions or to access restricted areas. Session cookies used on this website avoid the use of other computer technologies that could be harmful to the confidentiality of the user's browsing experience. Session cookies – which are not stored permanently on the user's device and disappear when the browser is closed – are used for the sole purpose of transmitting the session identification code and the data entered by the user required to enable a safe and efficient operation of the website;

  • analytics cookies to collect information on the use of the website. These cookies are treated in aggregate form to track the most visited areas of the website, to improve its content, its use and to monitor the proper functioning of it. These cookies are installed directly by IntlStudies and since they are not used for purposes other than those described above, their installation does not require your consent.

The use of social plug-in
Social sharing, video and other services we offer are run by other companies. These companies may drop cookies on your computer when you use them on our website or if you are already logged in to them.
Here is a list of places where you can find out more about specific services that we may use and their use of cookies:

Cookies and browser's settings
User may allow, limit or block cookies through the browser settings. However, if the user sets his device to reject technical cookies, some services of the website may not be displayed correctly or work in a proper way.
Below the user is provided with the information to disable cookies on his browser. If the browser is not listed below, the user is kindly asked to refer to the instructions for the management of cookies on his browser.

Internet Explorer
  • Select "Tools" in the toolbar of your browser
  • Select "Internet Options"
  • Select "Privacy"
  • At the entry "Settings", set the slider to the top to block all cookies
  • Click on "OK"

  • Press the three-dot "More Actions" button on the top right
  • Select "Settings" from the menu that shows up
  • Select "View Advanced Settings"
  • Press the dropdown arrow under the "Cookies" field
  • Select "Block All Cookies" or "Block Only Third Party Cookies" if you want to disable cookies

Mozilla Firefox
  • Select "Tools" in the toolbar of your browser
  • Select "Options"
  • Select the "Privacy"
  • In the "History" from the menu choose the option "Use custom settings"
  • Disable cookies by unchecking "Accept cookies from sites

Google Chrome
  • Select "Menu Chrome" in the bar of your browser
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select "Advanced settings"
  • In the "Privacy" section click the "Content settings" button
  • Disable all cookies by selecting "Block sites from setting any data" and "Block third-party cookies and site data"

  • Select "Menu" in the bar of your browser
  • Select "Preferences"
  • Select "Privacy"
  • Disable all cookies by selecting "Always block" from the section "Cookies and website data"

Even if the permission to use third-party cookies is blocked, the cookies may be stored on the user's terminal before withdrawal. It is not possible to delete these cookies (for technical reasons), but the user's browser allows their elimination using the privacy settings.
The user's browser options contain the command to delete the navigation data that can also be used to delete the cookies, data of visited sites and plug-in.

Find out more about the use of cookies on

The user can also browse without the use of cookies and technical profiling through the function called "incognito", "inprivate" or "private" mode (available with all major browsers), for further information see the links given below:

The user is reminded that he may at any time ask those who make use of such solutions to delete any information gathered through cookies (for more information please refer to our "privacy policy").
For general condition and terms of use please consult the "legal terms".
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