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Would you like to take a degree from the very beginning but are concerned that attending university courses would mean you neglect family, work and everyday responsibilities?

Have you ever wished to take a degree even though you are beyond the usual age for university? Are you interested in continuing the studies you started but did not get the chance to finish?

But it is possible to achieve such a target!

International Studies Ltd, registered training organization in the "UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP)" with UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) 10048828, makes possible to assess and recognize formative credits that students have acquired through professional experiences and registered in their curriculum, that can thereby simplify and shorten their course of studies provided in partnership with recognized and accredited universities.

This method also saves money, in working towards your target of obtaining a degree.

Moreover International Studies Ltd offers university courses for young students, from the Certificate level to the Doctorate level, with the possibility to attend practical lessons by companies involved in their program of study, putting into practice the theoretical subjects and  meeting a work experience while studying.

International Studies Ltd also provides professional courses developed in partnership with universities and personnel/certification bodies, related to different business and industrial sectors.

Course categories

Our university programs are structured to prepare business owners, professionals, executives, directors and individuals who want to earn a specific degree for personal or work needs.

The role of International Studies Ltd is to provide university courses under the control and supervision of our partner universities and help students preparing their exams and final thesis also through the web and with a personalized tutorial service.

The degree is then issued by the chosen university.

The university courses, related to Engineering and Science & Management disciplines, are delivered online (through our e-learning area, developed using the Moodle learning platform, accessible at the following link: elearning.internationalstudies.uk) or blended, providing assistance in studying the courses.

Furthermore, candidates will have the opportunity to follow our professional courses provided in e-learning or blended and, using our method and quality content, they will attain advanced knowledge for supervisory and managerial roles.

To attend a professional course is ideal for achieving a clear career goal, since such training is oriented to increase and improve personal skills to perform a given profession or a particular task.

The achievement of a professional qualification, therefore, provides evidence of the attainment of skills needed to work in a specific industry or hire a particular role.

If attested by a personnel or system/product certification body, this qualification takes a special importance as recognized.


Partnerships with recognized and accredited universities and personnel/certification bodies.
We work with recognized and accredited universities and personnel/certification bodies to extend access to higher education and increase the learning experience that our students receive.
International Studies Ltd commits with the partners as above for:

- offering lifelong learning opportunities
- improving academic/student results
- developing events that promote international learning

We recognize that the universities and personnel/certification bodies are particularly important to help us deliver our strategy for the teaching open to all the people.
International Studies Ltd has a relatively new concept in education and all the programs are designed to offer to the students of all ages an opportunity to take part-time or full-time courses. Moreover, our programs ensure students are given the extra support and assistance needed to succeed at a higher education level. All the courses are delivered by us online or in classroom under the control and supervision of our partner universities.
Our tested partnership model takes a transparent and collaborative approach in order to align our partners’ mission, vision, goals and objectives for long-term success.

Recognition of credits

Credit transfer and recognition of prior learning (RPL) arising from previous professional experiences or courses of study made by the candidate is an assessment process carried out directly by universities or organizations of certification of skills.

The credit is the value assigned for recognition of equivalence between academic subjects and courses and/or studies, professional qualifications and previous work experiences.

The possession of credits reduces the time to devote to learning on the part of the applicant required for achieving a qualification.

The universities, which International Studies Ltd is in partnership with, offer a free evaluation of credits.

Decisions concerning the recognition of credits also take into account the probability on the part of the applicant to reach successfully the end of the studies and grant impartiality throughout the qualification process.

Consistency, fairness and transparency of the evaluation activities are ensured by agencies adopt a systematic approach made possible by policies and procedures governing its implementation.

Learning platform

The e-learning area of International Studies Ltd was developed using Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), computer platform designed to provide educators, administrators and teachers a single reliable, safe and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

Moodle has been developed by a working group coordinated by Moodle HQ, an Australian company consisting of 30 programmers, financed by a network of 60 partners (international service company): a simple interface, drag-and-drop components and well documented resources along with continuous updates about its usability make Moodle platform easy to use.

Our e-learning area allows educators, administrators and teachers to communicate in real time through chat asynchronously on the forums. Students can also perform exercises or simulations and collaborate with teachers and other students to develop projects, facilitating both shared learning and the creation of working groups.

Every subject in the curriculum established by the universities with which we are in partnership is available on this platform for use by teachers in the delivery of teaching activities.
The e-learning area offers a range of interactive tools to support and enrich the learning experience, such as assigning tasks, forums, wikis and quizzes as well as multimedia elements, such as the resources from YouTube can incorportate or be connected to a subject.

The test methods laid down in our platform are varied and range from quizzes, multiple choice questionnaires, conduct research on particular topics, written exam with exercises to be solved.
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Copyright © 2022 - All Rights Reserved
Registered Office: 86-90 Paul Street London UK EC2A 4NE
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