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The courses in this area are related to the field of Audits of Management Systems and have turned to consultants, auditors, professionals who want to acquire or improve their skills.

The lessons, whose key feature is the multi-disciplinarity, are provided completely online (through our e-learning platform and with the assistance of qualified professors/tutors) and the courses are structured to include both the standards taken into consideration and the auditing techniques in order to meet the final exam of Auditor/Lead Auditor.

The recognition and approval of the courses by personnel/certification bodies, grant a high quality content and the ability to achieve, as appropriate, certificates of qualification of personnel.

A summary sheet is available for each course offered (see below the "Course catalogue" section for more information): all courses are evaluated through homework, quizzes, tests, exams and projects supplied by the professor/tutor during the program.

The trail of students is free, but the constant monitoring by professors/tutors of their activities and the ability to view their achievements, help learners to organize themselves better and to benefit of the course according to the schedule.

The level of the scores assigned to the students refers to the knowledge gained and helps the professor/tutor in identifying the need to fill any debits by planning of further training/studies to attain the necessary skills.

Course catalogue

Our EMS/QMS Lead Auditor training courses are available both online and in the classroom and are designed to provide technical and practical knowledge of the ISO standard of reference and of the auditing process.

Using interactive learning and easily accessible methods, we allow candidates to learn quickly and acquire the necessary proficiency, skill, professionalism and independence to manage audits  in the workplace.

Whether it's quality, or environment, or health and safety, you can learn to acquire the skills to conduct effective audits of first, second and third part both as an auditor and as a management consultant.

Students can start to attend at any time of year the courses conducted with the support of qualified professors/tutors and in partnership with personnel/certification bodies.

The candidates who attend entire duration of the course will receive a certificate of attendance: furthermore, those who will successful pass the course exams will receive a certificate of competence (which is one of the pre-requisites in order to be registered as a Certified Lead Auditor with personnel certification bodies).


For the admission to our EMS/QMS Lead Auditor programs, applicants must have work experience and specific technical knowledge of EMS/QMS standards for a minimum of:

  • 1 year for personnel with a degree
  • 3 years for personnel in possession of a diploma of secondary education

The courses are designed for company staff who have responsibility within a quality/environmental management system or will be involved in the auditing of such systems.

The programs will also benefit those persons who manage quality/environmental aspects and wish to gain maximum benefit from the management system audit process.

For further information about the admission requirements for each program, please refer to the summary sheet of the course of interest available in the "Course catalogue" section.


For information such as, for example, registration procedures, admission requirements, please contact us at our email address, even to know the schedule of classroom courses.

Depending on the course of study chosen, the candidate must submit in advance, together with the information request, the CV in order to verify if there are the requirements for registration.

Once this phase is complete, the program will be prepared, as well as the related cost and application form, which will then be transmitted to the candidate.

Distance training offers the opportunity to follow lessons easily from home with one’s own times and methods in addition to quality teaching services and support of a professor/tutor.
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