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Universities proposed by International Studies Ltd cooperate with a selected group of colleges and universities: in this context, the candidates have the opportunity to enroll in the Dual Degree program, which allows to achieve the title with both the chosen university and with a college or another university that is of particular importance in the field covered by the course.

The Dual Degree program is of particular importance in the curriculum areas of Business Administration, Economics and Management and Technology.

Candidates interested in this program should have as prerequisites a strong communication skills and problem solving, a broad background in the humanities and social sciences and a basic technical education of high quality.

The main advantages for those who attend this program are:

  • the opportunity to complete his studies in two different institutions simultaneously
  • growing other academic interests
  • using support and personalized environment offered by our e-learning area to develop more skills and achieve success in the profession and work
  • the acquisition of problem-solving oriented methodology, necessary to be effective in today's society oriented to technology
The contents of the Dual Degree program will also focus on developing personal skills such as communication, the ability to work in team and to objectives, auditing and inspection techniques, in order to prepare candidates to take advantage of career opportunities that require multidisciplinarity expertise.

The courses available in the Dual Degree program are:

- Global Business Administration
- Business Administration
- Business Management
- Quality Management
- Hospitality Management
- Safety Management
- Economics
- Management Engineering
- Welding Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Civil and Environmental Engineering
- Architecture
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