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The primary goal of our courses in Engineering is to provide, through their structure, a solid base and interdisciplinary education as well as a good study methodology, also focused on problem solving, on which to engage any further studies and career paths.

The lessons, whose key feature is the multi-disciplinarity, may be followed completely online (through our e-learning platform and with the assistance of qualified professors/tutors) or blended, in collaboration with the universities and the courses are also recognized by personnel/certification bodies: the university, designated in agreement with the candidate, will issue the title upon completion of the course of study.

The trail of students is free, but the constant monitoring by professors/tutors of their activities and the ability to view their achievements, help learners to organize themselves better and to benefit of the course according to the schedule.

All courses are evaluated through homework, quizzes, tests, exams and projects supplied by the professor/tutor during the program.

The level of the scores assigned to the students refers to the knowledge gained and helps the professor/tutor in identifying the need to fill any debits by planning of further training/studies to attain the necessary skills.


Our courses span a wide variety of Engineering disciplines and are available from the Certificate to the Doctorate with customized programs, according to the needs of the candidates: you can attend a series of Diploma level courses in order to obtain, for example, a Bachelor for those who already have adequate education, training and work experience.

Students can start to attend at any time of year the courses provided in e-learning or blended (and in this case the "in-class" time is arranged according to the number of enrolled students/requests received at our office).

Applicants who do not hold a high school diploma and wish to enroll to one of our undergraduate courses, attend a short completion program in order to achieve the credits required.

For further information about the admission requirements and registration procedures for each program, please refer to the summary sheet of the course of interest available below.

Dual degree

International Studies Ltd cooperate with a selected group universities: in this context, the candidates have the opportunity to enroll in the dual degree program, which allows to achieve the title with both the chosen university and with another university that is of particular importance in the field covered by the course in Engineering.

The dual degree programs offered by International Studies Ltd help students to meet their specific career interests; a dual degree allows students to double-count some credits, shortening the completion time for both programs.

Candidates interested in this program should have as prerequisites a strong communication skills and problem solving, a broad background and a technical education of high quality.

The main advantages for those who attend this program are:

  • the opportunity to complete his studies in two different institutions simultaneously
  • growing other academic interests
  • using support and personalized environment offered by our e-learning area to develop more skills and achieve success in the profession and work
  • the acquisition of problem-solving oriented methodology, necessary to be effective in today's society oriented to technology

The contents of the dual degree program will also focus on developing personal skills such as communication, the ability to work in team and to objectives, auditing and inspection techniques, in order to prepare candidates to take advantage of career opportunities that require multidisciplinarity expertise.

The double degree program can usually be completed in a shorter time frame than two "single degrees"; while a standard single degree (Bachelor's level) usually takes around three years, students can expect a double degree to take a little longer, depending on the study mode.


Global research is not carried out by accident but methodically by research institutions, universities, foundations, as excellence in everything that is done was put in first place.  

The size and scope of the research activities are stimulating for everyone involved because these activities have a direct impact on everyday life.

International Studies Ltd, in collaboration with the universities with which is in partnership, has identified two priority areas of research as Construction Materials and Engineeering Technology, in which creative interdisciplinary approaches are used to try to provide usable quality results, giving the candidates different choices available for such activities.

During all phases of the curriculum of the candidate is indeed provided appropriate and specific training for methods and development of research.

It is vital to give freedom to the researcher or research team in relation to their activities and responsibilities: this conviction reflects the value that the universities, with which International Studies Ltd is in partnership, agree with the principle of academic freedom, allowing the purposes being searched without any interference or pressure.

This freedom of research, worked out both through theoretical and empirical tools, is the basis for achieving positive results.

Various research projects have been implemented such as:

  • dynamics and vibration in mechanical systems
  • innovative methods for prototyping and design
  • advanced materials for structural applications
  • theories and techniques for the design and structural safety
  • technologies and materials for welding processes
  • innovative technologies for environment, energy production and management of renewable resources
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