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Course list
This page lists the main courses and links to view the subjects in Human, Health & Forensic Sciences available from Certificate to Doctorate.

The lessons may be followed completely in classroom or online (through our e-learning platform) in collaboration with the universities and the courses are also recognized by certification bodies for personnel.

For information such as, for example, registration procedures, admission requirements, recognition of credits, locations, please refer to the following web page of our website or contact us at the following email address:

The university, designated in agreement with the candidate, will issue the title upon completion of the course of study.

Click here for the courses in Life & Human Science
Click here for the courses in Education
Click here for the courses in Psychology
Click here for the courses in Forensic Science
Additional Information
Assessment methods and assigning scores
All courses are evaluated through homework, quizzes, tests, exams and projects supplied by the teacher/tutor during the program.
The level of the scores assigned to the students refers to the knowledge gained and helps the teacher/professor in identifying the need to fill any debits by planning of further training/studies to attain the necessary skills.

For information, the UK grade system of marks and symbols and the correspondence with the US grade: first (100 – 70)% = A (US); upper second (69 – 60)% = B+/B (US); lower second (59 – 54)% = B/B-; third (53 – 42)% = C (US); pass (41 – 38)% = D (US); fail (<38)% = F (US).
Other courses available
Foreign Languages & Literatures
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Personnel Certification Bodies
The following international personnel and certification bodies recognize these programs among the pre-requisites for becoming their member (the admission grade will be different according to the certification level achieved at the end of the study course and to the candidate's CV):

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