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Credits recognition arising from previous professional experiences or courses of study made by the candidate is an assessment process carried out directly by universities or organizations of certification of skills.

The credit is the value assigned for recognition of equivalence between academic subjects and courses and/or studies, professional qualifications and previous work experiences.

The possession of credits reduces the time to devote to learning on the part of the applicant required for achieving a qualification.

The universities, which International Studies Ltd is in partnership with, offer a free evaluation of credits.

Decisions concerning the recognition of credits also take into account the probability on the part of the applicant to reach successfully the end of the studies and grant impartiality throughout the qualification process.

Consistency, fairness and transparency of the evaluation activities are ensured by agencies  adopt a systematic approach made possible by policies and procedures governing its implementation.
The process for the recognition of credits is divided in the following phases

- transmission of request on the part of the applicant using the forms prepared by the designated body
- identification of documents to be supplied
- assistance to the candidate during this activity
- communicating enough information to allow the candidate to prepare the necessary documentation in order to meet the standards required for the process of credits evaluation
- performing evaluation by appropriate methods
- certification of the result
- report to stakeholders on the evaluation result

Recognized credits for previous courses of study and/or professional or working experiences in the possession of the applicant are personal and do not constitute a baseline for assessments conducted on other candidates: these results can, however, establish a precedent for the candidate being evaluated and can be used as a reference for other evaluations concerning him/her.
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