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Depending on the course of study chosen, the candidate must submit in advance, together with the information request, the CV in order to verify if there are the requirements for registration (click here for more information).

In addition, candidates who had gained experience arising from previous studies, also not concluded, and professional activities, can ask for evaluation of university credits (for information refer to the following web page).

Any request or communication must be forwarded directly to our email address:

Once this phase is complete, the program will be prepared, as well as the related costs and application forms (the form of the university and the general one of the services of International Studies Ltd), which will then be transmitted to the candidate.

You can enroll in our online courses at any time of the year. Please contact us for the calendar of the courses supplied in classroom.

Distance training offers the opportunity to follow lessons easily from home with one’s own times and methods in addition to quality teaching services and support of a tutor.
If the applicant wants to give effect to registration, the following documents are required in addition to the entry forms duly completed and detailed CV:

  • photocopy of diplomas owned or, if not completed, validated documentation certifying the level reached (see the this page)
  • photocopy of identity document and fiscal code
  • if in possession of university credits, detailed account of the activities of previous years of study, professional and/or work experiences validated in order to make detailed evaluation

Upon receipt of the required documentation, the chosen university will evaluate the credits, if applicable.

At the end of this phase a personalized program of study will be sent to the applicant: after payment of the advance registration fee, the university will send the enrollment letter indicating the matriculation number assigned.
In case of distance learning the preparation of credentials for the first access to the e-learning will follow, to start one’s own study.
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