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Global research is not carried out by accident but methodically by research institutions, universities, foundations, as excellence in everything that is done was put in first place.  

The size and scope of the research activities are stimulating for everyone involved because these activities have a direct impact on everyday life.

International Studies Ltd, in collaboration with the universities with which is in partnership, has identified two priority areas of research as Business Administration and Technology, in which creative interdisciplinary approaches are used to try to provide usable quality results, giving the candidates different choices available for such activities.

During all phases of the curriculum of the candidate is indeed provided appropriate and specific training for methods and development of research.

It is vital to give freedom to the researcher or research team in relation to their activities and responsibilities: this conviction reflects the value that the universities, with which International Studies Ltd is in partnership, agree with the principle of academic freedom, allowing the purposes being searched without any interference or pressure.

This freedom of research, worked out both through theoretical and empirical tools, is the basis for achieving positive results.
Our purpose is also to offer new analytical methods and technologies to transform this generation and the next, giving priority to new developments related to the areas of Business Management and Technology.

Various research projects have been implemented and made available in many areas with the collaboration of qualified facilities such as:

  • business management in the public, private and nonprofit sector
  • industrial accounting, programming and control
  • economics and industrial management, corporate governance and financial markets
  • dynamics and vibration in mechanical systems
  • innovative methods for prototyping and design
  • advanced materials for structural applications
  • theories and techniques for the design and structural safety
  • technologies and materials for welding processes
  • innovative technologies for environment, energy production and management of renewable resources
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